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Consumer Safeguards Related To Retail Shopping In Spain!


Every country has some rules and regulations that safeguard the rights of a consumer against the seller of any good. Especially the retail industry is governed by these laws and regulations because for the retail industry, the consumer is the king. Therefore his rights against faulty, broken goods bought from stores are covered by different policies. The guarantee and warranty are the concepts that made sure that the goods sold to the consumer are in good working condition and they will work without any problem for specific period of time. If those goods broke or were damaged then the manufacturer was bound to repair or replace those goods free of cost.


As far as Spain as a country is concerned, the laws related to the retail industry have their origin at to sources. One is the Spanish Constitution and the other is the EU Law. Spain is bound to follow the regulations laid down by the EU because it is a member of the European Union.

Rights of the consumers as per the Spanish retail Law

  • It is the right of the consumer that no seller should offer a product for sale that can be potentially dangerous for the health or safety of the consumer.
  • There should not be any terms in the contract between the seller and consumer that can be considered as unfair to the consumer.
  • If a consumer suffers any loss due to the usage of faulty goods, then the consumer is entitled to be compensated for the loss caused to him.Online-Shopping-Security-Issues-938x535
  • It is the right of the consumer that the seller should reveal all the accurate information about the product to the consumer before he purchases the product. The consumer should also be given information about the proper way of using a product so as to avoid any damage.
  • In general terms, the consumer has the rights that the faulty goods bought from the seller should be replaced with new goods in working order.

Electronic Warranty in Spain


As far as the digital or electronic goods are concerned there are the general rules of warranty and guarantee that apply to the Spanish retail market. The EU has changed some of the warranty and replacement, refund regulations and being a member of the EU, these laws are applicable to Spain too. As per the EU regulation, the seller has to replace or repair the faulty goods up to a period of two years even if the warranty period of the same product has been expired. The EU regulation says that a consumer can return a product to the store within a period of two years and the owner has the legal duty to replace the product. And the main manufacturers of coffee machines perth will even repair your coffee machine longer if it is a genuine fault.

The warranty includes following services2426d84cababe1e6c5b7645afe3d4cad

  • Repair or replacement of the product
  • The store owner also has to offer compensation to the consumer if the consumer has suffered any loss or damages due to the faulty goods.
  • The seller is not allowed to charge any money for the repair or spare parts required for repairing the product. The seller cannot charge the consumer for the labor charges incurred for repairing the product.


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